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Haylix evolved from the hosting team of a Digital Agency and incorporated as a separate hosting business after a number of years (and stood on our own for 10+ years). Our history is digital media and as such  and we know that very few projects are alike with the tech and the goals differing for each client or campaign. 

Key to Haylix’s success, particularly in the service driven world today, is our ability to engineer the right hosting solution for our clients. In contrast. There is no set product catalogue at Haylix and we don’t force clients to choose an option to squeeze their requirements into.  Haylix engineered hosting considers a range of variables when proposing a solution that often includes the experience, knowledge and multiple party engagement to correctly define. These variables include:

Platforms - Which OS? Which CMS? What code base dependancies exist - both internal and external tot he environment? Haylix works across Linux and Windows platforms and have significant experience with a range of leading CMS providers 

Budgets - This is a given. Funding always needs to be considered both initially and over the period of the hosting agreement. Most agreements are for a period of 12 months and associated costs need to be included in a budget. How can the budget be best utilised to deliver the availability requirements? 

Development Process Prior to and After Initial Release - We often experience a very different development process pre and post site launch. Being aware of these changes and being adaptive enough to support these changes is important as the project transitions from go live into BAU. New team members may move onto the project and a constant and easily communicated DevOps methodology helps in managing changes

Communication and Process - What communication tools are in place? For example can deployments have a automated Slack message sent with varied notifications depending on a successful deployment or otherwise. What CAB processes are in place to deploy to production. How are these managed? 

Environment Requirements - Prod is a given but has consideration been given to Dev/UAT or staging environments. These environment have definite benefits during the development process particularly for high profile sites requiring high availability and uptime. Once bad line of code and cause a both evident and subtle issues on a site that will impact both usability and user perception. Dev/UAT or staging environments don’t need to be always on. These environments can be turned on an off as required for testing or updating therefore reducing the cost to the business. 

Technology Stack - What tech stack will be used by the development team (including the digital agency) and what technology will need to interact with the site? 

Audience - When is the peak visitor access times to the site? When does this traffic decline? How long is the average visit to the site and what is expected to be performed during this time? Can  auto-scaling be used and  does the CMS licensing support frequent or in frequent bursting of resources as needed?

As is evident there are many variables that need to be considered when developing a hosting solution and attempting to squeeze the deployment into a standard off the shelf offering can have negative impacts on the project. A DevOps approach means taking a holistic view of the project. From this view the right hosting solution can be engineered to the application specifically helping to make the project a success.

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