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Helping ISV Community Overcome Cloud Challenges

ISV, or Independent Software Vendor, refers to a company that creates and sells software products that run on one or multiple platforms, rather than being tied to a specific hardware or infrastructure. The software created by ISVs is typically used by end-users and/or businesses for specific tasks or functions, and is often sold as a standalone product or as part of a larger solution.

However, ISVs may struggle with cloud adoption for several reasons, including:

  • Technical challenges: Moving software to the cloud can be complex, as it often requires changes to the underlying architecture, security, and scalability of the product.
  • Cost and budget constraints: Transitioning to the cloud can be costly and may require investment in new infrastructure, tools, and personnel.
  • Customer resistance: ISVs may be reluctant to move their software to the cloud if their customers are not yet ready to adopt cloud technology.
  • Lack of expertise: Some ISVs may lack the technical knowledge or expertise to effectively develop and deploy cloud-based software.
  • Concerns over data privacy and security: Moving data to the cloud can raise concerns over the security and privacy of sensitive information.
  • Competition from cloud-native alternatives: As cloud-based software becomes more prevalent, ISVs may face increased competition from cloud-native alternatives that are more suited to the cloud environment.

Overall, the cloud adoption process can be a significant challenge for ISVs, but the benefits of moving to the cloud, such as increased scalability and reduced costs, may make it a necessary step for the growth and success of the business.

Haylix had a great opportunity with CRN and Ingram to spend time with the ISV community to understand their business challenges and explain how we are helping partners navigate the Cloud Chaos. Read the article by CRN here and ARN here