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Dashboards are like windows into customers IT environments.

Synthesise all of your data with the click of a button
Customised Datadog dashboards make using your Datadog suite more intuitive, while improving readability, focus and value.  Why just use the one standard set of views when you can customise your dashboard view and aligned them to personal or departmental needs.


  • Focused dashboard configured to your specific requirements. For example:
  • Cloud Services Landing Page
  • Immutable Assets Dashboard
  • DEVOPS TFE Dashboards
  • Leadership Cloud LT Dashboards
  • Adding value to Dashboard landing pages by including additional links to customer internal resources.
  • Departmental focused dashboards leveraging user profiles.
  • Make troubleshooting more efficient and expedite issue resolution
  • Removal of unwanted elements to simply views and improve focus.
  • Implement element & metric consistency for cross-departmental visibility & collaboration.
  • The addition of Dashboard description fields to to explain context and content to a viewers who may not be familiar with the dashboard.

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