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Cloud computing is a powerful and versatile technology that can boost your business performance and efficiency. To maintain an appropriate level of control, it is necessary to be aware of how it’s setup aligns to your business requirements.

There are many instances where you require a holistic snapshot of the health of your Cloud environment, one that doesn’t require that you already know the answers.

This is where COMPLETE will deliver a broad-based assessment of your cloud infrastructure to identify potential issues that might compromise your service’s fit for purpose.

Through the COMPLETE assessment, available in three tiers with varying levels of detail (Foundation, Intermediate, Comprehensive), you will understand the current state of your cloud environment against, potential threats, vulnerabilities, commercial efficiency, performance mismatches, and compliance best practices.

This will form the foundation of any appropriate remediation activity based on a holistic perspective.



C-Level & Mid-Management

High Level

Assessment SCOPE







Assessment SCOPE


external / internal



Mid-Management – Technical


Assessment SCOPE


external / internal

All COMPLETE assessments cover performance, commercial, cyber and compliance. You’ll get a detailed report with a high-level gap analysis based on the assessment tier you choose.

Our Foundation assessment is designed for those who want a complete, easy to digest overview of their current cloud state, and how it compares to industry standards and best practices.

Our Intermediate and Comprehensive assessments are ideal for those who want to dive deeper into specific areas of mis-alignment and get actionable recommendations on how to improve them.

As part of the Comprehensive assessment, you will be provided with detailed instructions and guides on specific remediation actions that can then be forwarded to your internal team or any qualified service provider.

You also have the option to leverage our Haylix CREW: Remediate (remediation service), where our highly qualified and accredited engineers will address the identified issues and bring your cloud infrastructure up to specifications.

Contact us today and let us help you find the best assessment for your immediate needs. Our professional team is ready to guide you on your journey to a more secure and efficient cloud environment.

Datadog Health Check

Turning data into information

Purpose of the Assessment

This assessment aims to report findings resulting from an assessment of your Datadog configuration for an application and/or a set of services. The assessment considers multiple aspects such as agent release, APM dependencies checks, quality of monitors and dashboards.

Goals of this assessment are:

  • Unveil potential areas of improvements for your configuration
  • Identify the existing knowledge of specific areas of your Datadog platform
  • Identify the efficiencies and effectiveness of the log management
  • Tailor any additional enablement to level up the existing knowledge of the Datadog platform
  • Rating of overall alignment to Datadog best practices


AWS Well Architected Framework Review


AWS WAF Definition

  • The AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF) describes key concepts, design principles, and architectural best practices for designing and running workloads in the cloud. By answering specifically designed foundational questions, you will learn how well your architecture aligns with cloud best practices and gain guidance for making improvements.
  • Review of each of the AWS services used. This includes +60 questions based on the 5 pillars: Security, Operational Excellence, Performance, Reliability and Cost Optimization.
  • Typical manual assessment process estimated duration: 2-4 hours.
  • In comparison to Haylix ASSESS + 6Pillars takes around 60 minutes.

What is the Haylix AWS WAFR difference?

  • Accelerated review assessment & remediation process delivered through 6Pillars’ AUTOMATE+ technology.
  • Increased level of assessment consistency and adherence to standards.
  • Receive expert guidance and recommendations aligned with best practices faster and more accurately.


  • Receive expert guidance and recommendations aligned with best practices.
  • Enhance the security and management of your cloud environment.
  • Implementation the required remediation through automation.
  • Assess compliance with key standards such as ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, SOC 2, NIST, and CIS.
  • Achieving the AWS baseline requirements for security and management*.
  • Make informed security and compliance decisions from the insights gained.
  • Achieve the AWS WAFR significantly faster.

Path to success

  • Schedule an initial call with the Haylix professional services team.
  • Initiate the WAF Review Accelerated review process minimizes your time, typically less than 60 minutes of your investment instead of hours.
  • Assessment review & report generation
  • Levering your review with additional Haylix services:

1. Haylix CREW: Remediate 
Agree on remediation required actions to improve compliance and security against the AWS Well Architected Framework.

2. Haylix SECURE: Auto-Adhere
For Automated and continuous compliance adherence, leverage the 6pillars’ AUTOMATE+ service for real-time compliance monitoring and automated remediation.

* 6pillars’ AUTOMATE+ brings continuous compliance visibility, reporting and safe, opt-in cloud configuration automation that frees up cloud team resources, reduces alert noise, and ensures continuous compliance with best-practice configuration.

Azure Assessment

Innovation, Collaboration, and Productivity

  • Understand motivations
  • Business outcomes
  • Business justification
  • Prioritise project
  • Digital estate
  • Initial organisation alignment
  • Skills readiness plan
  • Cloud adoption plan
  • Azure readiness guide
  • First landing zone
  • Expand the blueprint
  • Best practice validation
Services are delivered by an accredited Microsoft Solutions Partner


  • First workload migration
  • Expanded scenarios
  • Best practice validation
  • Process improvements


  • Innovation guide
  • Expanded scenarios
  • Best practice validation

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