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Frequently, businesses find themselves constrained by an inability to sustain an efficient knowledge reservoir capable of adeptly harnessing emerging technologies and safeguarding against virulent cyber threats.

Haylix CREW consultants offer your business the requisite expertise at a scalable level, precisely when and where required. Haylix consultancy services can be availed either remotely or by having our team members collaborate alongside your personnel.

Haylix CREW BRAIN consultancy services:

  • Architecture & Design
  • Environment optimisation
    • Service resizing
    • Autoscaling definition & implementation
  • Data protection & Backup
  • Business Continuance BCP & Disaster Recovery
  • Observability monitoring tools
    • Implementation, tuning, integration
      • Datadog
      • Cloud Native
  • Cloudflare implementation, tuning and dashboards
  • Terraform automation integration & code maintenance
  • Cyber Security & Compliance adherence
    • SIEM
    • WAF
    • Zero Trust
    • Network segmentation & isolation
    • Authentication
    • Single sign-on
    • AD integration
  • DevOps pipeline deployments & refinements
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The ongoing enablement of your team is imperative to underpin the transformative projects and initiatives essential for advancing your business more expeditiously.

Given the substantial volume of electronic training content accessible from diverse sources such as vendor-based platforms, LinkedIn Learning, YouTube, and others, the extensive array of choices constitutes only a fraction of the challenge in discerning a suitable curriculum for your team.

In numerous instances, a judicious selection entails acquiring a comprehensive understanding of various topics rather than attempting to cover an exhaustive range.

Haylix CREW ENABLE addresses this requirement by offering targeted content tailored to the project objectives, the proficiency levels of your team, and their learning capacities.

Haylix CREW ENABLE services:

  • Onsite (ILT) & remote (WBT) training sessions
  • Bespoke customised training structured to match your team’s and projects needs
  • Key technologies covered
    • Cloud general
      • Azure & AWS
      • Performance tuning & optimization
    • Datadog Observability & Monitoring tools
    • Cloud Native Observability & Monitoring tools
    • Cloudflare WAF
    • Terraform
      • Best proactiveness
      • Pipeline integration
      • Administration & code maintenance
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Our DATABASE ADMIN Service focus’s on delivering managed and professional services tailored for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle data platforms, boasting one of the most extensive commercial DBA and consulting teams in Australia and New Zealand.​

Additionally, our seasoned professional services and consulting team possesses extensive expertise across various aspects of database design, management, performance optimisation, BCP Planning, business intelligence, and cloud migration.

Haylix CREW – DATABASE ADMIN services:

  • Managed Database Services
    • Remote Database Administration (DBA) services for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle platforms.
  • Database Consulting Services
    • Assisting in the strategic planning, execution, migration, and enhancement of your database environment.
  • Cloud Migration and Management
    • Evaluating, migrating, and overseeing your databases, whether on-premises or hosted in the cloud.
  • Business Intelligence Services
    • Transforming your data into significant information and valuable insights, available precisely where and when you require it.
  • SQL Server Patching & Upgrades
    • Mitigating risk and ensuring the currency of your vital SQL Server databases.
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