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Busting cloud migration myths with Microsoft Azure

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The cloud has evolved from a futuristic concept into an essential tool for modern businesses, enabling them to enhance efficiency, adapt swiftly to market shifts, and foster better collaboration. As many organisations now operate with at least one foot in the cloud, the conversation has shifted from initial migration to optimising and expanding cloud capabilities to fully harness the cloud’s potential. 

Yet, even for those already in the cloud, doubts can linger, fuelled by misconceptions about costs, security, and the complexity of leveraging the cloud more comprehensively. These uncertainties often arise from an incomplete understanding of the cloud’s capabilities and the strategic advantage offered by platforms like Microsoft AzureAzure doesn’t just facilitate migration; it offers a rich ecosystem of applications and services designed to transform business operations, making them more agile, secure, and cost-efficient. 

For businesses at any stage of their cloud journey, dispelling these myths is crucial to unlocking the full spectrum of benefits the cloud has to offer. Let’s explore and debunk common misconceptions that might prevent you from fully embracing the cloud’s transformative power. 

Understanding the cloud’s true potential and Microsoft Azure’s role in unlocking it reveals that the cloud is not just a one-time migration destination but a continuous journey of technological evolution and business growth. Azure simplifies this journey with a wealth of applications that support business management, growth, and operational streamlining, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness and minimizing the stress often associated with technological transitions. 

For those pondering the next steps in their cloud strategy, consider this a guide to moving beyond the basics and leveraging the cloud to its fullest potential.

MYTH: Updating your current systems is more cost-effective than cloud migration

While there will be some initial up-front costs, migrating to Azure will ultimately allow you to reduce your operating costs over time. This is due to: 

  • Automatic updates and software
  • Cost management and analysis tools that give you visibility of your spending
  • Set spending thresholds
  • Automated tools that improve your processes
  • Identified opportunities for workload changes to optimise your costs

These features mean you could save up to 34% in your first year with Azure’s Microsoft Cost Management. 

Furthermore, the ongoing costs of Microsoft Azure are much lower than what would be required to maintain legacy systems and physical IT infrastructure. The technology of today has more capabilities that demand more processing power. The cloud can manage this easily, while legacy systems struggle to facilitate the needs of new technology and applications. Staying with your current system means spending more things like CPU and memory to perform simple tasks, ultimately holding your business back. 

MYTH: Migrating to the cloud will put your business at greater risk of cyber attack

Microsoft invests $1 billion into cyber security every year. This makes Microsoft Azure one of the most secure cloud platforms out there. Well-equipped to keep you safe and operational online, Azure is supported by a team of over 3,500 global cyber security experts. With built-in disaster recovery and backup capabilities, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing the impact and likelihood of downtime and data loss are reduced. 

You can also benefit from 99.95% availability, 24/7 support, and consistent health monitoring via Azure’s network of data centres in over 60 areas around the globe. 

MYTH: Cloud migration requires too much training and restructuring 

Migrating to the Azure cloud platform can indeed be a relatively smooth process with minimal training and restructuring required, especially if you plan and execute the migration properly with a certified Microsoft Migration specialist.

MYTH: The overly complex nature cloud migration will create too much downtime

Contrary to what many believe, Cloud migration can be simple. Though Azure will take a primary role in your operations post-migration, it won’t require you to shut down your entire system for deployment. While there may be very brief downtime, these moments will be diminished significantly thanks to prior planning and assessment. 

The assessment in particular is an important step. This includes a real-time review of your business data to determine a clear and achievable roadmap for cloud migration. This will cover things like your strategies, workload, costs and capacity. 

Haylix will help turn these findings into a detailed report and typically deliver it to you within 72 hours of your assessment. The report will be critical in determining the best migration strategy and give you a clear timeline. It may tell you that your business has a lot of data to process so a phased plan is the best approach, or reveal that your Azure migration will only take a few weeks with very little impact on your operations. 

Book your free assessment and begin your cloud migration with Haylix

Now that we’ve busted these cloud myths, we are here to help you enjoy all the benefits available when you migrate to Microsoft Azure. We will start by helping you arrange a Cloud Assessment so you can move to Microsoft Azure in a way that is most effective for your operations. 

From there, our dedicated team will take you through the migration process and facilitate a seamless, secure transition for all systems, data and applications. Discover how Microsoft Azure can drive your business toward greater success with powerful cloud services, greater innovation, enhanced collaboration and more. 

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