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Businesses are increasingly dependent on effective and secure IT infrastructure.

The rapid advancement in technology is only paralleled by the growing threats. These attacks leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled tools at scale to negatively impact, steal or infiltrate your online applications.
Knowing if your environment is always compliant, secure or under attack by a cyber villain is an essential 24/7/365 requirement.

Nefarious use of AI is making this much more challenging. To address this, Haylix is using AI to tackle this complex problem and underpins our hybrid service.
Circular graph showing 20%

of attackers are using multi-vector DDoS attacks

Source: PurpleSec

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of cyber security breaches are a result of human error

Source: Cybint

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of businesses targeted by a cyber attack go out of business within 6 months

Source: Cybersecurity Ventures

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Cyber crime up 600% due to the COVID-19 Pandemic & linked to working from home

Source: Link11

Haylix Secure Overview

The Haylix SECURE suite offers industry leading cyber services around enhanced visibility, dynamic cloud protection & compliance, and effective penetration testing services to secure and assess the effectiveness of your online business architecture and distributed data footprint.

Whether the threat comes from an employee’s home office, your shared cloud data centre, or your online platforms, the Haylix SECURE suite will provide the most advanced structure, visibility, and cyber defenses allowing you to deliver your services as, where, and when needed.

The Haylix SECURE suite:

  • Managed SOC-SIEM: provides you with threat visibility and analytics across your entire IT landscape.
  • Perimeter Check: penetration testing for proving & assessing.
  • Advanced WAS: cloud firewalls (WAF & BOT) for application protection, CDN, BOT Management
  • Adhere+: compliance adherence services that deliver security through reference architecture.

Haylix Secure Feature Set

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Shape and test your cyber strategies and secure framework. Penetration testing helps validate or invalidate the efficiency of your defensives to determine what necessary to defend against an attack.
Perimeter Check (PEN Testing) reviews the robustness of your cyber security, providing a detailed assessment of your cyber health and business risks for your organisation. Haylix offers a broad range of testing scenarios that cover web-based, on-premise infrastructure, networking, applications and social media.
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Utilising distributed workloads across multi-cloud environments creates specific challenges around ensuring service predictably and adherence to agreed security, integration, and architectural industry standards.
Adhere+ provides 24/7 real-time monitoring and auto-remediation for the most essential IT standards including CIS, Essential 8 and PCI. Haylix SECURE Adhere+ with over 750 automated best practice checks enabling you to grow and scale your business with predictability and confidence.
Ensuring that your cloud environment not only meets, but is continuously AUTO-REMDIATED to best practice frameworks and compliance standards. Through advanced AI from 6Pillars and AWS, you can now achieve real-time automated compliance adherence.
Auto Adhere+ for your AWS environment provides 24/7 real-time monitoring with AUTO-REMEDIATION for the most essential IT standards including CIS, Essential 8, PCI (including the latest PCI 4.0), and more. The Service leverages AWS-native tools, AWS-native automation frameworks and 6Pillars Patent Pending technology to deliver all the benefits of best-practice configuration to your cloud infrastructure.
Service deploys in under 30 minutes with an AUTO-REMDIATION guarantee of 15 MINUTES*. With over ~300 controls to deliver security and compliance for visibility and alerting only, once-off remediation or optional, full, autonomous, self-healing configuration of your AWS environment. Currently available on AWS. Azure service coming in 2024.
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In the modern world, you need to ensure that your online platform and business data remains available and responsive to your customers.
As a business, it is critical that your cloud service has essential foundational protections against bad actors and cyber villains.
Advanced WAS (Web Application Services) includes a comprehensive suite of protection mechanisms to stop enemies at the gate. Haylix SECURE Advance WAS includes Web Application Firewall – WAF (cloud firewall), BOT Management, DDoS protection and CDN content acceleration.
Don’t let yourself be the business that identifies an intrusion a month after it has happened.
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Having visibility of where, when and how your online business is being threatened is fundamental to employing the most appropriate prevention and remediation measures.
Don’t let yourself be the business that identifies an intrusion a month after it has happened.
The Haylix SECURE (XDR) Platform employs advanced AI, deep data visibility, machine learning, advanced correlations, and built-in automations. Our tools and specialist filter out noise and false positives, producing high fidelity detections. This allows your IT teams to focus on what really matters.
Our AI provides the foundation for our 24×7 SOC which is staffed with experienced security analysts with CISSP and OSCP certifications providing advanced threat analysis, tactical threat intelligence, and incident response.
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SIEM, Security Information and Event Management, is used to centralize the collection, analysis, and correlation of security-related data generated by multiple sources such as network devices, servers, applications, and security tools.

Haylix SECURE provides real-time visibility into an organization’s security posture, enabling our team to detect, investigate, and respond to security threats and incidents in a timely manner.

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