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This assessment reports against your current Datadog Infrastructure, Security, Logging and APM configuration and provide report findings aligned to Datadog & industry best practices.

The assessment considers multiple aspects such as agent release, APM dependencies checks, quality of monitors, dashboards and most effective use and storage of logs.​


  • Comprehensive report including a rating of the overall alignment against Datadog best practices
  • Unveil potential areas of improvements for your configuration
  • Identify the existing knowledge of specific areas of your Datadog platform
  • Identify the efficiencies and effectiveness of the log management
  • Tailor any additional enablement to level up the existing knowledge of the Datadog platform


  • ​Review monitor lists​
  • Alerts assessment​
  • Alert automation potential ​
  • Escalations assessment – e.g. critical alerts to on-call, non-critical alerts to email / ticketing system​
  • Assess for sub optimally configured monitors. Aimed at avoiding alert fatigue.​
  • Quality notification content. ​
  • Monitor tagging & grouping convection and consistency​
  • Identification of persistent monitor triggers ​
  • Point out any monitors in “NO DATA” state​
  • Point out any monitors muted indefinitely, and check whether mutes have comments​
  • Check suggested monitors from APM / services​
  • Check recommended monitors (Monitors → Create new, recommended tag)​

Monitor your infrastructure without having to learn a query language

Seamlessly pivot from logs, traces, and metrics in a single view


  • Comprehensive Log monitor review
  • Filters and exclusions for indexing aimed at minimising costs
  • Retention periods assessed
  • Daily quotas
  • Use of log metrics within dashboards for improved visibility

Automatic deployment tracking and comparison of code versions across application, infrastructure, and code profiling metrics


  • Assess set of services
  • Service & map dependencies review
  • Linkage of monitors and services


  • Assess set of services
  • Service & map dependencies review
  • Linkage of monitors and services

Customise views and visualizations that are relevant to your team


  • Examine Infrastructure List – Agent grouping and versions
  • Agent deployment gap analysis
  • Agent version review
  • Assess tags on infrastructure hosts

Keep on top of your infrastructure